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How To Make Hot Tamales? We Respond With Delight!

For a snack or a treat, nothing takes the place of the traditional Mexican favorite hot tamales. This delightful treat may seem challenging to make, but with a little bit of preparation, you will stack them up like a pro.

The best way is to make them over a couple of days because this way you won’t get overwhelmed. Who says that you have to make them twenty dozen at a time? With our recipe, you can make up to four, and you won’t be exhausted afterward.

Traditionally hot tamales are made at Christmas time in large batches. We want you to feel like you can have homemade ones anytime because they are amazing especially right out of the steamer.

Let’s go the easiest way, by breaking the process down into two days.

How To Cook Chanterelles The Best Way

Chanterelle mushrooms are also known as egg mushrooms or golden chanterelle. They are loved by the cooks from the entire world, and they can be found in many places across the globe. They differ from one to another depending from which part of the Earth they come from.

They usually vary in size, where the ones from Europe and Asia are the size of a thumb, in the eastern US they are much bigger, growing to a size of a fist. The largest ones are found in the western US, where they reach the size of two hands!

There are some claims that European chanterelles are tastier than the ones from the west coast, and you are free to try all of them! Here’s how to cook chanterelles, the best way!